Monday, 1 August 2011

It's been a while since I've posted and it may be a while yet but seen as it's summer I thought I'd share a photo created for my local Camera Club theme 'flowers'.  I could post more but I'm slightly paranoid as to people copying them.  I am seriously considering taking my blog, facebook and flickr accounts off the net altogether.  It's not that I think my work is that good, it's just that I'm paranoid giggle.  I expect there are people who know how to make a penny or two from using other people's work... just wish I could make some money from my own.  I am thinking of learning to drive and then maing it to my local uni (depending if they accept me based on my crap certificates but maybe on a well thought out profile) to do a film and photography degree.  I've been procrastonating for too long whilst bring up kids, it's a scary prospect.  Who knows what's around the corner (better have my camera at hand giggle).  Cheers for nobody listening but that's coz I haven't got the hang of all this bloggin and haven't got much time on my hands.  I suppose it's a bit like a teenage (baring in mind I am 37) waffle in a hand written journal.  Who the f whats to read this crap... and with that I will shut up.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Bokeh on the Beach (Anderby Creek)

The River Steeping

Last weekend I had a few hours on the River Steeping and thoroughly enjoyed being out by the river. Here are some of the images a captured.
Fly on a Leaf
Yellow Flower
Great Crested Grebe Family

Common Tern with Fish

Common Tern with Fish 02

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Enjoying the Variety of Photography

In the last few weeks I have become fascinated with 'clouds'. I've also been experimenting with shutter speeds... the Starling Bathing shows a slow shutter speed to capture it's movement. I used fast shutter speeds for photos on the beach, meaning a wide aperture and small debth of field were created. I've also been experimenting with textures (Candle and Crocus images) and a 'dreamy' effect applied to a street photo. I have thoroughly enjoyed applying so many different photo techniques! I'm planning to take some river shots and to create some minimalist images too... so lots to take my interest. You could say I'm obsessed!


Kite Flyers

Triple Turbines