Monday, 1 August 2011

It's been a while since I've posted and it may be a while yet but seen as it's summer I thought I'd share a photo created for my local Camera Club theme 'flowers'.  I could post more but I'm slightly paranoid as to people copying them.  I am seriously considering taking my blog, facebook and flickr accounts off the net altogether.  It's not that I think my work is that good, it's just that I'm paranoid giggle.  I expect there are people who know how to make a penny or two from using other people's work... just wish I could make some money from my own.  I am thinking of learning to drive and then maing it to my local uni (depending if they accept me based on my crap certificates but maybe on a well thought out profile) to do a film and photography degree.  I've been procrastonating for too long whilst bring up kids, it's a scary prospect.  Who knows what's around the corner (better have my camera at hand giggle).  Cheers for nobody listening but that's coz I haven't got the hang of all this bloggin and haven't got much time on my hands.  I suppose it's a bit like a teenage (baring in mind I am 37) waffle in a hand written journal.  Who the f whats to read this crap... and with that I will shut up.

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